Week: two

Last Update on July 13, 2011

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I will start with this post, saying that there was a bit of busier this week. My departure from the post last week-all that will take time to get into corporate work is really true. Although I was never on the job, I had at least one good project to work on every day of the week. I’m finally starting to study real assignments and taking on some responsibility …

The other thing is, I know my workers are pretty good. I can eat more than $8 an hour, I can eat for dinner most days, so I take the opportunity to go with them when I can. There’s actually a lot of good places to eat in Dice-Moines, that’s one of them. It’s called “Mr. Phillet,” and he has a GREAT omelet. We go there every Friday morning at about 7:00 A.M., ideally suited for an early bird like me …

It reminds me of the other thing that struck me as a little strange during these two weeks – you can stand up and go somewhere when you feel it while you get your job. It’s a lot different from all my other jobs, where you get a job, and you stay in it all the time.  In addition to leaving my post last month, I even had to ask permission or “make sure I’m covered” just to use the toilet. It’s some kind of freaky freedom.On the other side of the coin, this work definitely offers less freedom than, say, a personal project. Personal business projects are a big part of my life, and I honestly say that this is what motivates me best. Since I have such a forecast, I have to make myself feel positive about the reasons for some of the restrictions imposed on me (and all others) on the internship. You can experience this feeling during the internship, if you are a “samosarter”-you can get used to doing things in your own ways, using any tools you want and immeriate in things before looking, and find that working in corporate work is a much more conservative and cautious experience. This is the need for a large organization-things that large corporations naturally influence a much larger number of people and many more assets. Care must be taken before modifying. In support of this idea, my first two days of the week were devoted to lots and many computer trainings, with themes-from security to software policy to violence at the workplace …

To be free, one of the advantages of working here is that I have access to the fantastic large system of Des Moines, which I mentioned in my last post. I’m fascinated by architecture and layout, so I have a lot of fun to study this network of tunnels, which are connected to a good part of the city. Yes, I do.

Another amazing thing I learned this week is that the Des Moines bus system.

And finally, I got my first paycheck today. In one week of work, that’s the biggest salary I’ve ever received. However, I have suppressed the desire to buy a third monitor and computer.

Okay, it’s Friday, and I need to get back to my beloved ISU and visit friends. I hope this series gives you some idea that this internship-if you have any particular questions, I would love to listen to them. Otherwise, it could be a weekly update, which says, “I’ve been working again.” So give me a response.

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