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Last updated May 28, 2012

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Oh, wow! So, I think it’s the longest I’ve been putting out for over a year. Let me assure you that this is, of course, not from scratch-no, no, no …

Len is only half …

Seriously, the last 11 days have been one of the best days of my life. The amount that I discovered and experienced during this period of time is unbeatable. This is fantastic, and if you (for any reason) decide to click on this post after reading this paragraph, let me offer you one neocene advice:

Don’t focus on what we’re gonna be on. Last week I was very busy in Japan, and I can’t wait to show you everything I’ve done. However, first I want to give you a peak in the first part of my epic journey, in.

Oh, my God, there are other people in the world like me …

Let me explain …

I know most, if not all, about other college blogs for a while. Shortly after I started the blog, I forced my mission to look for all the other blogs focused on students and to get to know the people behind them ..

After a while, we launched a Facebook group for cooperation, and I even Syed with several of them. However, the relationship was mostly professional ..

Given this context, I subconsciously suggested that, although many students work in blogging like me, I was the only one who was a geek anime/video games that played too many DDR ..

And then the first things we’re talking about when we’re all together show you how.

Because of this, Adobe Days is an event that I will never forget …

As you can or do not know, Adobe is the company I work with most when it comes to this blog. Of all the sponsored materials at the college Info Geek, Adobe is probably 50% or more ..

Why? Well, there are several reasons. The main reason is that I use a creative kit every day; it helped me build my personal brand to the level it is now, and also allowed me to build a creative side I never thought about existence …

Before you start using Photoshop from the need (development of business cards for my business design and web layouts), I didn’ t think I had a talent. It was my brother’s …

However, as I became better with the tools, I also found that I could be creative. I found that the possession of the tools allowed me to present more clearly the things I wanted to do, as I already knew I could do them …

So when I got in touch with CS5.5 last May last year, I admitted it. (and trust me, I reject.

Another reason I like working with Adobe is because they work with.

By contrast, standard PR firms just blew up the same 47-paragraph, got up to 1,000 bloggers, and hoped some of them would post a post about what they had. For a record (if you are working in PR or you want to read this),

In any case, it’s enough to rank the standard PR. As I said, Ivy is really working well, listening to what the bloggers think will work best. As a result, I was able to come up with my own customized pitches for the campaigns that I am.

Despite the Adobe, we decided to take a bit further than just blog and contests. Last October I had to fly out and meet with some Adobe MAX employees. I also have to test at the conference and get meltdown on the upcoming Creative Suite ..

It was the first time I traveled through my blog, and I’m sure it was the first moment I thought, “

So, Adobe Days. After Adobe MAX, we started playing with the idea of bringing out student bloggers in San Francisco to meet the Adobe group. Even though many of the blogs focused on students work with Adobe, I was the only one who went to MAX and actually met them (Jeff Dunn was covering the educator in the blogosphere) ..

Ivy wanted to find other bloggers, so Adobe Days was born. After we met members of Adobe and other bloggers, we got acquainted with Adobe’s products and campaigns, which are planning to roll out, learn something about CS6 and some other topics, as well as a tour of San Fran ..

Before I get into this, I want you to meet a few people!These are some of the other bloggers who visit Adobe Days. Everyone does things differently, so there’s something for every student. If my sarcasm, the detailed posts on travel, personal branding and any other crap I have published is not enough for you, I am sure you will find something similar here …

Bobby Adamson is one of the newest bloggers on the block, but I already love his blog. Bobby is a student in Mizz, so he goes to school with his good friends.

You can definitely say that Bobby looked after the design, looking at the student, his blog. Pure and minimalist, he got one of the best designs of the blog I saw from the student (and believe me, I have seen many blogs) ..

I can’t wait to see the contents of Bobby’s future. On his background in design and web development, I am sure he will have a lot to offer students when it comes to personal branding!

If there’s a personification for the term “ridiculous ambitious blogger,” I’d say it’s Max. Max was the driving force of Bright Futura for almost a year, and I see it will be one of the best college blogs in the near future ..

With creative design and a host of innovative Bright Futura series, things do a little different. Unlike me, Max built the team and seems to be building a lot of synergy among her. He also picked up the bar, coming out with the Bright Futura swag, including T-shirts and sunglasses. This is what I still have to do, and it makes me jealous and rut to motivate …

Greg is trying to build Wikipedia for college students with Chest College, and he’s doing a lot of work up to now. Greg’s angle in the blogosphere in college is to allow each student to become a writer and share his knowledge with others …

I also found out that Greg was really into skateboarding, and I love it, too. I’m going to have to get to New York some other way and tell me the board.After I found out that Loreen was mostly a anime convention, she loved Sherlock, Korra and, in fact, every show I liked, wanted to be a writer, and eating a coat, I decided that she was the coolest girl ever …

Lauryn came to Adobe Days to officially represent Talk Nerdy 2 Me, the blog of the National Society of collegiate scientists (one of the few honest societies I really recommend to join). “Speak Nerdi 2” I am a great blog in college, and I know Leah-a lady who until recently has managed them-for more than a year …

However, Loreen also has a couple of blogs of his own, which are also interesting. You can check it out.Heccollege. Before I started Info Geek College, I applied to be a writer in this blog, which is mostly a college blogs. It was when Kelly and Chris started the show, and their student Sheph worked with them …

Being a student blog, HackCollege has now changed hands. Kelly, Chris, and Shep are out of college now (though Shep’s still able to hang out with me, still a naive learner). So, Sarah is an editor who manages a new team of writers …

HackCollege has no particular attention. It offers tips and tricks for almost every aspect of student life ..

Mustafa, Loreen, and I thought that the biggest animus nerves in Adobe Days, so I spent a lot of time discussing my favorite shows with him. As a result, I decided that he was getting a rating:

Mustafa is part of the Survival Team at Surving College, which also publishes materials on a wide range of student issues.

There were many other bloggers in Adobe Days who didn’ t have much time to hang out with them, but their blogs are worth the same. These include:

It’s amazing how much I have in common with a lot of these people. Turns out bloggers are usually geeks!

Laureen, Mustafa and I share love.

For us, when we got to San Francisco, Adobe was created for us. After checking at (rather ruitzy) Hotel Palomar we started with a conference with wine mixer (though, unfortunately, not in.

The next day, the real conference began. We went to the Adobe HQQ/Super Secret of Covert Operations/Mission Control Defcon Alpha Station, which is an underwater bunker just under the Golden Gate Bridge. This photo is used as an Internet cover:

During our time in Adobe HQ, we met some of the marketing teams I’ve been working with for so long. We were also able to meet some of the engineers who actually work in Creative Suite when they came to learn sessions ..

Speaking of sessions, most of them were quite useful! We learned a ton of new things, including:

  • A bunch of new features in Photoshop CS6 (me.
  • How to design a T-shirt with Photoshop.
  • Search engine optimization tips to make blogs more profitable.
  • How to use Premier to make.
  • While I knew the fair amount of what was presented, I learned a lot and appreciated the material, especially since some of the other bloggers were able to learn much more ..

    In addition to technical training, we have received excellent advice on Adobe’s career and personal branding, as well as consultants working on them ..

    “Do that shit and make sure it affects someone positively.“As you know, personal branding is.

    They seem to agree, because that’s how they focus the most of this year. As a result, we need to learn from some really successful people during Adobe Days …

    We have also been able to provide feedback from the students ‘ perspective.

    Now, going to sessions and giving feedback is great, but no trip to San Francisco would be complete without …

    Fortunately, Adobe connected us to the grocery cart. We also met with.

    The cart took us all over the city, making a long stop at the Golden Gate Bridge, so that we could get some photos (of course, it was taken there) ..

    However, further exploration of San Francisco is necessary! So, Max, Loreen, Bobby, Sarah, Mustafa, and I’m all gathered after the conference and went around town. We drank tea and souvenirs in Chinatown, ran a super-curly, Lombard Street and hung 39. Oh, and.

    Due to the unbeing of my,

    In general, Adobe Days is an unforgettable journey. I have to go to San Francisco for the first time – something I wanted to do for.

    Maybe it was the circumstances, maybe it was our common interests or even out of nature (I mean, we publish our life for the world in fact), but I don’t think I ever became such good friends with a group of people that quickly …

    Even though I have a lot of fun in Japan right now, I still miss the few days we’ve all been together. Luckily, I’m going to see Mustafa and Max next week at the lair again! For the rest of you, I’ll be saving the plane ticket.

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